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Forecasting software

Forecasting is an important discipline for any business. While the ambition of a business can be measured by their profit forecasts, failure to monitor cash flow can hinder growth & strategy, or, in the worst cases, lead to business failure.
We specialise in helping businesses produce forecasts with a strong emphasis on cash flow and can provide:

  • foreCASH software tool,
  • set-up, training and configuration,
  • Excel forecast – refinement or new models.

Our emphasis on cash flow helps our clients produce forecasts to:

  • Support Loan/finance applications,
  • Manage rapid growth,
  • Navigate seasonal cash strain.

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foreCASH is a cash focused forecasting tool which, in addition to monthly P&L, balance sheet, funds flow and cash flow forecasts, offers weekly and daily cash flow forecasts. foreCASH also contains a number of features to address the nature of business within manufacturing, project based, import and wholesale industries.
Forecasts can address one, or both, of:

  • Annual/multi-year forecast
  • Short-term weekly cash flow

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