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foreCASH for Wholesalers, Distributors, Importers

foreCASH includes a number of features to aid wholesalers forecast profits and cash flow:

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Wholesalers and importersforeCASH cash flow forecasting software
Invoice based finance foreCASH can model one or more invoice based finance schemes (invoice discounting / factoring). Facilities can operate in Sterling or foreign currency
Stock based finance Stock based facilities can be modelled as a percentage of stock held or for a set-period from order in order to model import loans
Trade loan Finance for purchases, duty freight and VAT
Hybrid Trade loan + Invoice finance Trade loan repaid by proportion of invoice finance advances
Import VAT and duty Import VAT and percentage based import duty can be modelled in expenses and cash flow
Stock levels Levels of stock held can be set to a number of ‘day’s worth’ of materials, with a further option to set a minimum and maximum level of stock. Alternatively, stock levels can be set manually
Purchase order commitments Import, or add manually, known purchase order commitments for precision on cash outflows
Rebates and marketing funds Percentage based, or ad hoc, rebates can be set for suppliers and customers. Schemes can be set to run on daily, monthly, quarterly or annual basis
Cash discounts Percentage based customer and supplier cash discounts can be modelled

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Cash management for wholesalers

Wholesalers typically find cash tied up in working capital from stock, good in transit and debtors making strong cash flow management a vital task. foreCASH allows wholesalers to prepare both long term forecasts (up to 5 years) and to produce very detailed weekly, and daily, cash flow forecasts for the next few months.

Invoice Finance and wholesaler cash flows

Many wholesalers use invoice finance as a key part of their lending arrangements. foreCASH can model multiple invoice finance facilities, for example where a key account has its own facility, or where overseas sales have a separate facility. Lenders typically limit the maximum proportion of your allowable ledger that can come from a single client – failure to allow for this cap can cause a cash flow shock – foreCASH has built in features to anticipate this issue.

Import VAT, import Duty and Cash flow

Importers can find that bulk shipments arriving into the UK causing spikes in their cash flow as import duty and VAT fall due. foreCASH specifically models these cash flows ensuring these cash demands are foreseen and managed.

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