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foreCASH for Manufacturers

foreCASH includes a number of features to aid manufacturing companies forecast sales and cash flow:

ManufacturersforeCASH cash flow focused forecasting software
Finance Leases, capital expenditure, stock based finance, invoice based finance and term loans all modelled by foreCASH
3 levels of stock Raw materials, WIP and finished goods can be set up to model the stages of the manufacturing process
Product Sales Sales can be entered as amounts or be based on the number of units sold and the price per unit. Unit prices can vary across the months of the forecast
Product costs Product costs by supplier can be based on a cost per unit, percentage of sales value or specific amount
Stock levels Levels of finished goods, work in progress and raw materials held can be set to a number of ‘day’s worth’ of stock, with further option to set a minimum and maximum level of stock. Alternatively stock levels can be set manually
Labour costs Direct Labour costs can be attributed to product sales. Minimum labour costs can be set and unutilised labour reported and expensed
Planned closuresSchedule ‘non working days’ for planned seasonal or maintenance closures.

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