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Weekly cash flow

foreCASH software's focus on cash flow enables it to produce accurate weekly and daily cash flow forecasts.

Weekly cash flowforeCASH software
Cashflow reports Daily, weekly and monthly view
Re-schedule payments Drag-drop rescheduling of payments and receipts
Payment release control Review week’s expected payments and approve / auto -defer
Rapid roll foward Update rapidly at the start of each month then reconcile/update each day/week
Import ledgers Import debtors and creditors ledger data for precise payment forecasting
Financing methods Model invoice finance, stock based finance, loans and leases
Excel data feeds Draw on workings/reports in Excel to drive sales, COS and overheads
General features
Monthly reports Profit and loss, balance sheet and funds flow, exportable to Excel
Invoice Finance Multiple facilities, sterling and foreign currency, variable advance rate, variable cap, large customer account lending limit
Manufacturers Model 3-tier stock (Raw, WIP, finished goods), factory shutdowns
Project based companies Model - Multi-Stage projects, deposits, retentions. CIS. Auto-Cascade for delays or slippage in projects.
Wholesalers Model – rebates, cash discounts, import VAT and duty, invcoice/stock based finance.

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