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Invoice Finance / Discounting / Factoring

foreCASH automatically re-calculates the amount available and borrowed as invoices are raised, and then paid by customers, on your invoice discounting / invoice factoring facilities.

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Invoice Based financeforeCASH cash flow forecasting software
Multiple facilities / multiple currenciesIf you sell in different currencies or regions you can set up separate accounts in foreCASH for each facility
Variable advance rate and cap Percentage advance rate and cap can be varied during forecast. Model facility limit changes, allow for temporary uplift in borrowing rate
POD, aged and disallowed itemsReconcile facility by noting disallowed invoices such as aged items, or items awaiting proof of delivery
Auto-draw downSet automatic draw down options to match how you use the facility
FeesSet monthly, draw down plus any commission charges
Large customer limit (% of ledger)Disallow invoices on major customer where percentage share of ledger is exceeded
Sales invoice phasingUse sales profiles to weight sales forecast across the month. Option to reconcile actual daily sales to align facility
Collections phasingVersatile range of terms, or imported due dates, ensure accurate phasing of collections. Option to reconcile actual daily collections to align facility

Weekly detail / fluctuating facility

If your pattern of invoicing is weighted towards the end of the month you need to take particular care in forecasting as your invoice finance facility spikes at the month end while many large payments such as salaries, PAYE/NI or rent are made before the last few days of the month. foreCASH’s daily & weekly level of detail is key in ensuring you have adequate facilities to manage your cash flow.

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