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Forecasting Service

As well as providing forecasting software we offer a full one time, or ongoing, forecasting service. Typical clients are businesses with annual sales of £2m-£50m. All our forecasts are built by qualified accountants with industry and forecasting experience.

To build a forecast for you we will require:

  • existing P&L forecast , or
  • the last 12 months’ P&L plus a steer on sales and cost changes
  • Opening balance sheet / cash info
  • Notes on customer and supplier terms
  • Recent payroll summary
  • Vat/Tax period details

Contact us for exact, fixed price, quote.

AssignmentServicePrice guide from
Express forecast set-up (Excel) Excel based
(96 hour turn around)
£5,000 (General)
£7,500 (Project company)
Express forecast set-up(foreCASH) foreCASH software based
(48 hour turn around)
£2,000 (General)
£3,500 (Project company)
Quarterly forecast refresh(foreCASH) Initial forecast + quarterly update £1,000
+ £550 per qtr
Monthly forecast refresh(foreCASH) Initial forecast + monthly update £1,000
+ £360 pcm
Weekly forecast refresh(foreCASH) Initial forecast + weekly update £1,000
+ £175 per week
Forecasts for bank or parent companyPrepare forecasts including stress tested variants From £3,750

Guide - foreCASH Full Set-up Service click here PDF

Once provided with the relevant background data your forecast will be ready for handover in Express service 48 hours / standard 3-5 working days Pricing is for a typical forecast with up to 50 lines of detail in the Profit and Loss report.

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