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Annual budget (1 - 5 years)

foreCASH software can generate annual and multi-year budgets with optional variance reporting. Industry focussed features ensure accurate revenue recognition and cash flow forecasting to highlight working capital and cash requirements.

Annual budgetforeCASH software
Forecast length 1 to 5 years
Monthly reports Profit and loss, balance sheet, funds flow, cash flow. Exportable to Excel
Departments and cost categories Specify categories to replicate your preferred Profit and Loss reporting format
Variance reports P and L, BSH, FF, cash flow. Variance by month, YTD and outlook for year. Generated in Excel for easy sharing and ciruclation
Excel data feeds Pull data into foreCASH from Excel - Sales, COS and overheads
Funding application Weekly cash forecast highlights peak borrowing requirements and extent of any strain
Funding methods Model - loans, leases, invoice based finance and stock based finance
Manufacturers Model 3-tier stock (Raw, WIP, finished goods), factory shutdowns
Project based companies Model - Multi-Stage projects, deposits, retentions. CIS. Auto-Cascade for delays or slippage in projects.
Wholesalers Model – rebates, cash discounts, import VAT and duty, invcoice/stock based finance.

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