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Email Marketing Tips
James Gardner
Email Marketing Tips

Set Your Own Targets

Generic benchmarks often bear little relevance to a particular product, service or demographic. Rather than worrying about broad terms such as average open rates and click-throughs, consider defining your own set of parameters based on more relevant data such as demographic and past successes or failures. This will give you a much better idea of how effective your own particular strategies are.

Less is More

Consider the last marketing email you opened (if you even opened it). How much time did you spend reading it? How much text was included on the page? Did anything in particular grab your attention? The accepted rule of thumb is 7 seconds – that's 7 second to grab their attention before they either click delete or decide to carry on reading.

Keep It Relevant

Lazy marketers may rely on the draw of multimedia and social platforms alone, but unless there is substance beneath the flashy exterior, the audience is likely to lose interest and fast.
Sending the right message to push the right buttons at the right time – it may all sound like a game of chance, but there's no luck involved. From direct marketing, email and B2B campaigns down to your company website, it's all about the words. No matter how aesthetically pleasing your approach may be, pretty pictures alone are unlikely to reach out to your audience. Understand what they need, why they need it and when.

White It Down

White papers are quickly becoming the 'go-to' currency for marketers hungry for credible source/reference material. A well-written, authoritative white paper is worth its weight in gold, and will quickly gain popularity within your network and beyond as others link to the material. It's pretty much the perfect marketing tool in that authors gain credibility and publicity in one hit – and an essential tool for any serious internet marketer.

It's All in The Title

As with the press release, formulating an attention-grabbing headline represents half the battle. We're not just talking about people here, but search engines. A keyword-rich, bold headline is far more likely to be picked up by those friendly little search engine bots.

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