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Manage cash flow Invoice finance Raising Finance

Raising Finance

foreCASH can model: invoice based finance(invoice discounting/factoring), stock based loans, bank loans, leases, VAT loans and loan notes.

foreCASH software's focus on cash flow highlights intra-month peaks helping you to decide exactly how much you need to borrow and for how long.

Raising finance – cash focusforeCASH software
Loans Multiple loans, set-up based on regular payments, or schedule manually
Invoice finance Multiple facilities, sterling and foreign currency, variable advance rate, variable cap, large customer account lending limit
Stock based finance Facility driven by end of week or month percentage of stock, include/exclude by supplier, cap and provision options. Import loan based facility – percentage of goods imported for specific duration.
VAT loans Loan balance auto-calculated from forecast activity
Finance Leases Automatic calculation of interest and capital repayments
Cash monthly reports Funds flow and cash flow. Exportable to Excel
Weekly and daily reports Cash flow only. Exportable to Excel
Graphical reports Highlight cash flow fluctuations. Exportable to PDF format
ForecastingProfit and Loss, balance sheet
Forecast length Up to 5 financial years
Profit and Loss Monthly reports, exportable to Excel
Balance sheet Monthly reports, exportable to Excel.

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