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15/04/2010 - 18% of manufacturers say - More than half of invoices paid late

New research from NatWest and RBS reveals that 71% of SMEs in the UK have suffered from late payments over the last 12 months, with the collective value of invoices paid outside of the stipulated terms and conditions estimated at £62.87 billion. As a result, 235,000 SMEs claim time wasted chasing debt has adversely affected their business.

Late payments are most prevalent in the wholesale industry with 93% of firms reporting that they have experienced late payments in the last twelve months. In nearly one in five business services and manufacturing companies, over 60% of all payments they received were paid late.

Industry Some late payments Over 60% of payments late
Wholesale 93% 11%
Manufacturing 81% 18%
Construction 80% 11%
Business Services 72%19%
Retail 66% 8%
UK Average 71% 12%

These numbers are a stark reminder of the importance of (i) monitoring credit risk and payment performance on customers and prospects, (ii) having an active credit control process, if businesses are to be able to forecast and manage their cash flow effectively.

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