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Forecasting while using asset based lending

If you use Asset Based Finance, such as invoice discounting or factoring, as a key part of your financing it can be hard to forecast whether you have adequate facilities. The amount you can borrow varies every day as you raise invoices and credit notes.

If your pattern of invoicing is weighted towards the end of the month you need to take particular care in forecasting as many large payments such as salaries, PAYE/NI or rent are made before the last few days of the month. For this reason a forecast with, at least, a weekly level of detail is preferable.

Snap shot Cash detail Invoice Discounting / (factoring) Software from Set-up
Sage50 Forecasting Monthly (or weekly mode)variable % advance, flat cap£700£700
foreCASH Monthly, weekly and daily drill downvariable % advance, variable cap, multiple facilities from £35 pcm or £495 £40 pcm or £950
Excel User defined-- From £1,650 (£600/day)

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Consider foreCASH or Excel (where tightly controlled and developed). If you are comfortable working to a monthly level of detail you may also consider S50 Forecasting.

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‘spikey’ cash flow
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