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Managing cash spikes or strain

To effectively manage 'spikey' cash flow or cash strain you will need a forecasting tool that provides weekly or daily detail and which, as well as identifying when strain will occur, helps you to plan a solution and manage any strain.

foreCASH was specifically developed for this purpose and is our recommended solution.

Set-up and training
Licence from £35 per month or £495.
Set-up and training £40 per month or £950 (optional)
Snap shotSpecialist cash flow forecasting and management software.
  • Monthly, Weekly and Daily view on cash flow.
  • Monthly P & L, Balance Sheet and Funds Flow.
  • Import ledger balances from your accounts system.
  • Drag-drop re-scheduling.
  • Graphical reports.
  • Export reports to Excel.
  • 90% of spreadsheets contain significant errors, foreCASH brings peace of mind to your cash flow forecasting process.
  • Versatile rules reflect the way your customers really behave.
  • Drilling down from monthly, to weekly, to daily view reveals cash flow spikes and helps avoid surprises.
  • Importing opening ledgers saves time, reduces typing errors and improves accuracy.
  • Innovative graphics communicate any cash flow issues clearly to directors.
  • Rapid roll-over at month end keeps your cash flow forecast up to date so you are never running in the dark.
  • Updating spreadsheets is error prone and time-consuming, using foreCASH frees up time to tackle underlying problems and run your business.
Going furtherforeCASH does not just forecast cash flow. If problems are identified it can help you plan and deliver a solution to cash strain by:
  • Rescheduling payments using the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Tracking the status and amount of changes made.


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Consider foreCASH or Excel (where tightly controlled and developed).

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