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Annual budgeting review

When producing an annual budget or forecast a business will often be trying to satisfy a number of users and objectives. A lot of focus will be given to Profit and Loss figures at a monthly level of detail, at the same time the adequacy of cash is a vital check to carry out. It can be challenging to address these competing requirements.

If your focus is P and L then a number of tools will be suitable. The greater the importance that cash flow is for you the more likely you will require foreCASH instead of, or in addition to, a more general forecasting tool.

Snap shot Web/desktopExport to Excel Software from Set-up
Sage50 Forecasting Desktop Y£700£600
foreCASHDesktopY £60 pcm or £1,000 £950
Excel Desktop -- From £1,600 (£600/day)
Adaptive PlanningWeb based, multi-company Y £1,500 per year POA

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Consider Excel, S50 Forecasting, Winforecast, Adaptive Planning, foreCASH(max 2 yr forecast).

ObjectivesRapid Growth Seasonal or temp. strain,
‘spikey’ cash flow
Raising Finance
Other Contact us Model Invoice
Discounting facilities
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